The Wanderer, the Stroller

The identity of the city bears on the identity of its dwellers and vice versa. Walking was my approach to understand this urban identity. During endless wanderings in the City of Oxford, I observed not only the marks that the city was leaving upon me, but also to leave my own marks on the city as well.

In order to have an ephemeral presence in the real world, I have left post-it notes in various spots of the city. The notes contained words written in Persian and by superimposing these Persian words on the surface of the city, my aim was to connect my two identities – the identity that was shaped by the former city (Tehran), to the identity that was shaping in this new city (Oxford), as well as liberating the self from the past and connecting it to the present.

Some of these notes were removed by the next day, some stayed longer. All eventually vanished.